About us

Party Import Limited Partnership was established on 24th August 1995 by Mr.Wattana Wiwitkunakorn. At first, the company carried on business as a dealer who sought the sources of supplies in China and connected customers on its own.

According to experiences on connecting both sellers and buyers, it shows that Shanjia’s pest control products are on high demand of customers due to their qualities like easy to use and fast to see the result. This makes customers satisfied and causes the company to succeed in monopolizing the source of production and becoming the sole agent. Thus, the company can control qualities and cost of products and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

For this reason, the company can expand the target market and bring about highly acceptable quality product reputation among domestic customers and those in the agricultural segment.

Our goals

The company continuously improves and develops business performance as well as research and development procedures to increase competitive potential both on the domestic and international market with the goal to have a part in pushing Thailand's economy forward.

For the convenience of all consumers, we also distribute products via several channels. Whether department stores such as The Malls, Top Supermarket, all branches of HomePro or kitchenware stores and agricultural supply stores nationwide all have Shanjia’s products provided.

Contact us. Tel. 095-962-8883