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Today household pests inside houses and residential compounds whether they are ants, termites, cockroaches or insects such as ticks, fleas, silverfish and termites often annoy homeowners pretty much. These flies not only make home dirty but also carry disease, cause damage to houses and buildings and destroy house properties such as biting paper materials or furniture made of wood. Also, certain types of plastic like electric wire insulator cannot be kept off destruction by termites the arch enemies of the house. For anyone facing these problems, don’t be at ease and sit back. Deal with problems of ants, cockroaches and termites, use Shanjia.

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Our products

ซันเจี่ยเหยื่อตราแมลงสาบ 3 ตัวs

Shanjia, Brand 3 Cockroaches Killing Bait

The killing bait for removing cockroaches. Just put it in the area where a lot of cockroaches are frequently spotted.

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Shanjia Fly Catcher Glue

The sticky trap used for catching flies in an easy-to-use and comfortable package.

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ซันเจี่ยตราปลวก 3 ตัวs

Shanjia, Brand 3 Termites

The killing bait for removing termites and ants with a powerful capacity to get rid of all termites and ants.

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มด 3 ตัว

Shanjia, Brand 3 Ants

The killing bait for removing ants including black ants, red ants and silverfish.

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